1.Design Fire Fighting System

Led by an NFPA certified engineer, our team of mechanical & electrical engineers has the necessary skillset to assess the hazards of your facility & design a comprehensive system in accordance. The team follows periodic courses in Europe & the US to stay ahead of new technologies & solutions as well on NFPA norms. We are trained to study & design fire protection systems for all facilities across sectors in accordance to NFPA standards.

2.Code review & Risk Assessment

Our engineers & consultants conduct professional review of existing facilities &  fire protection systems to evaluate the degree of compliance with applicable codes and insurance standards. We inspect and report on the installation of fire fighting systems to ensure compliance with recognized local standards & international codes. We make sure our client passes to necessary modifications to ensure the occupants and properties’ maximum safety.Review of design and compliance.

3.Plan Review

The Java technical team also has the necessary experience and the accreditation to review, modify & approve third party fire fighting design plans. We ensure your investments on fire systems (FM200, Novec, etc.), fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, etc. are executed in accordance to NFPA standards. 

4.Evacuation Plan & Occupants Training

To ensure occupants’ safety, we help corporation devise an evacuation plan and train emergency coordinates. We deliver targeted presentation and perform hands-on training tailored to the constraints and particular needs of the client. Additionally, to maximize awareness, we assist in building in-house Fire Safety Policies & Employee Procedural Manual.