The full face masks are the most widely used from professionals in a wide variety of applications. It meets the highest demands for quality, reliability, secure fit and comfort. This full face mask is the successor to the Panorama Nova masks, a range which has proven itself over decades of use worldwide.

The full face mask is compatible with filters used in chemical industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding, metal processing industry, and public utility services. The respiratory protection filters are a synonym for experience and safety worldwide. They clean breathable air from contaminants in a low-cost and effective manner. 

Technical Information: 

- Full Face Mask, compatible with filters, covering a wide range of applications, versatile in use.
- Mask body made of robust and hypo-allergenic EPDM
- Features a double-layer face seal with triple sealing action for a secure and comfortable fit on any shape of face
- Universal one size fit making logistics and easy storage.
- Comfortable five-point head harness wide enough to prevent any pressure points on the wearer’s head
- Distortion-free lens with 180o wide-angle guarantees a large field of vision with panoramic view
- Impact resistant polycarbonate with a plastic or a stainless steel frame
- Intelligent ventilation system so that the lens remains fog-free
- Stainless steel speech membrane facilitates communication
- Neck strap for easy carrying
- Barcode inside the mask for easy checking of inventories and carrying out maintenance
- Valves can be serviced without tools
- A full range of accessories and spare parts available, high quality materials and careful workmanship.

Filters series, with standard thread connection in accordance with EN 148-1, extensive range of color coded filter types for all major areas of application:

- AX, brown, gases and vapours of organic compounds with boiling point ≤ 65oC
- A, brown, gases and vapours of organic compounds with boiling point > 65oC
- B, grey, inorganic gases and vapours, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide
- E, yellow, sulphure dioxide, hydrogen chloride
- K, green, ammonia
- CO, black, carbon monoxide
- Hg, red, mercury vapour
- NO, blue, nitrous gases including nitrogen monoxide
- Reactor, orange, radioactive iodine including radioactive methyl iodide
- P, white, particles
- Suitable for all half and full face masks, available with connectors conforming to EN 148-1, CE approved (EN 141:2000 re. EN 14387, EN 143:2000, EN 371), and SAI Global-approved
- Filter with aluminum housing to ensure reliable recognition of possible filter damage
- Individually packaged for optimum protection of the unused filter.
- Resealable for longer use, 6 years shelf life for gas and combination filters, 12 years shelf life for particle filters, recyclable.