The Cairns 664 Invader helmet is UL Listed and NFPA classified, it provides an all-day comfort with a shell release system, it fits for a wide variety of head sizes and protect against very high temperatures. It is available with the eye protection option, a sleek construction that can be easily raised or lowered even with gloved hands.

Technical Informaton: 

- Cairns 664 Invader Helmet, The through-color DuraGlas® thermoplastic shell provides well-balanced construction for all-day comfort, while the exclusive shell-release system improves convenience.
- The front headband (6 3/8″ to 8 3/8″ inches) adjusts for proper SCBA mask fit and, along with the rear ratchet height adjustment
- Fits a wide variety of head sizes.
- The helmet provides full-brim protection and an ultra-high temperature (TPR) edge trim that won’t melt or drip.
- Available with the popular retractable Defender Visor primary eye protection option, which stays clean inside the helmet until needed during search-and-recovery.
- Sleek construction allows fast, easy raising and lowering of the visor even with gloved hands
- The helmet is UL listed and NFPA classified