The FDP series glove with the shelby barrier system, uses waterproof, breathable GORE technology to provide a look, feel, and performance different from any other glove used by the fire service.

The gloves are tested to ensure that the firefighter receives the greatest level of performance during a critical time of need. Shelby Glove produces the finest fit, with proven durability, to ensure unbeatable performance and protection for those who serve. 

Technical Information: 

- The shelby FDP series of glove are waterproof with breathable GORE technology.
- Subject to a 100% dunk test that is performed on every liner system.
- Provide the finest fit with proven durability.
- Fire retardant, heat resistant gloves, 3.25 to 4.0 oz.
- Two main types of gloves: the green Cowhide or the Shelby abrasion resistant brushed pigskin
- Gore RT7100 Glove barrier fabric, with shelby “Black Line” Nomex wristlet, available in gauntlet style, NFPA compliant, CE compliant, SEI certified