- JSB Waylite 800 is EN1838/BS5266 approved
- Powerful downlighter to illuminate legend and surrounding floor area.
- Vandal resistant, polycarbonate light controller and light grey body.
- Simple installation with back/top cable entries.
- Supplied with self-adhesive Eurolegend, mounted internally to prevent tampering.
- Grooved legend plate for easy application of the legend.
- CE marked.

- The JSB Zeta II & Zed are approved by EN standards.
- Fully automatic constant charging system.
- Fire retardant external parts, useful in escape routes.
- Mains and charge monitoring LED.
- High frequency and efficiency inverter
- White clip-in gear tray for all internal parts for an easy installation.
- 20 mm cable entries are provided at either end or at the center of the base.
- Zeta II has IP65 rating, it is semi-recessable using optional bezel.

The JSB Waylite 800 is a single sided, maintained or non-maintained, exit sign which is clearly illuminated. A fluorescent lamp provides uniform illumination of the legend panel and also provides a high level of threshold light over the surrounding floor area. It is specially designed for response to the new European standards. It reduces capital, installation, and maintenance costs by combining two functions in one luminaire.

The JSB Zeta II & Zed is a double-sided, maintained or non-maintained, exit sign with luminaire which is vandal and weather resistant at an economical price. The Zeta II luminaire easily clips to the ZED double-sided exit sign for an easier and faster installation.