System Components & Specifications


  • The flexible sensor tube can provide protection in hard to reach areas where other detection methods cannot be used. It is reliable against false discharges and subsequent down time costs and expenses.
  • High temperature rated sensor tubes are also available to use in harsh and high temperature environments.


  • Compatible with most commercially available fire suppression agents including: FM200, Halotron I, Foam, CO2, and dry chemical (ABC, BC, D).

Nozzles and Suppression:

  • Direct low pressure systems (DLP) use fire detection and activation of the extinguishing system through a pneumatic sensor tube, pressurized and place around dangerous areas that need to be protected.
  • Indirect low pressure systems (ILP) use fire detection through a pneumatic sensor tube or electric conventional detectors. Once a fire is detected, the cylinder’s valve is activated to discharge suppression agent through copper tubing, stainless steel tubing, or braided hose, and strategically placed nozzles.

General System Specifications: 

  • The product range of the FiWaguard system is represented by valves and sensor tubes.
  • These systems do not require an outside electrical source and remain totally operational during unexpected power outages.