The Cobra commercial kitchen fire suppression system, manufactured by Amerex Corp. in USA is UL Listed. It is a solution for the hazardous fires that originate from the vegetable-based cooking oils which burn in much faster manner. It consists of a contemporary stainless steel design throughout the system complements sleek kitchen appliances. It is the first commercial kitchen fire suppression system with fully electronic actuation using the new "Strike" electronic control system.

The Cobra kitchen suppression system offers a reliable protection for the appliances against fires. It is highly flexible and adaptable to kitchen footprint changes, not only making it the most effective, but also the most cost-effective choice over its lifetime.

The system serves commercial kitchens in cafeterias, cruise ships, culinary schools, delis, fast food chains, food courts, hospitals, hotels, military facilities, restaurants, school cafeterias, and sports complexes/stadiums.